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Following a mesothelioma diagnosis, it is critical to find a doctor who specializes in treating this rare type of cancer. Although this process can be difficult, our relationships with the nation’s top mesothelioma doctors enable us to find you the right specialist for your needs.

Cancer Centers

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Treating mesothelioma requires a specialty facility that is staffed and equipped to perform the necessary procedures. We have researched cancer centers nationwide to find the facilities in each state that cater exclusively to mesothelioma patients.

Clinical Trials

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Although mesothelioma has no known cure, clinical trials offer some of the most advanced mesothelioma drugs and treatments available. We can connect you with active and recruiting clinical trials and help you get the funding you need to pay for travel expenses.

Why Specialized Care is Important

While a general oncologist might be sufficient to treat some forms of cancer, it is important that mesothelioma patients only use a mesothelioma specialist. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is known to linger for decades before a diagnosis. The physicians who treat the disease are studied in mesothelioma and understand the most effective treatment options. These physicians utilize only modern medical advances and are savvy to the latest clinical trials.

How Our Process Works

Step 1 Evaluate Your Situation

Mesothelioma is a very rare cancer, and successful treatment takes personalized care. We ask the right questions that will help guide us in finding you the most effective and practical treatment options.

Step 2 Review Your Treatment Options

Once we understand your unique situation, we’ll walk you through the treatment options available to you and present you with doctors we feel would best meet your medical and personal needs.

Step 3 Connect You With a Specialist

We maintain good relationships with the best mesothelioma treatment facilities and medical teams in the country. This allows us to get you in touch with a specialist faster so you can start getting the care you need right away.

Step 4 Help You Get Financial Assistance

Even with insuance coverage, medical costs for treating mesothelioma can add up quickly. We’ll work to help you find free money available to mesothelioma patients that can significantly reduce your financial burden.

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Learn more about mesothelioma and your treatment options

Known to take decades to develop, mesothelioma cancer can attack the lungs, abdomen or heart. Although there is no cure, patients have several treatment options. It’s important to find a specialist quickly.


It is important for anyone who has been exposed to asbestos to keep a constant watch for mesothelioma symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms — such as a chronic cough or chest pains — are easily mistaken for an everyday cold or a lingering bronchial disorder. Patients who are diagnosed with mesothelioma in the early stages of the disease have the best chance of recovery.


Thanks to advances in medical technology, physicians today are able to more accurately diagnose mesothelioma for quicker treatment options. There are several common diagnosis methods used — from noninvasive measures such as taking a medical history to more complicated procedures such as a biopsy — that allow specialists to pinpoint the origin of the disease and help give patients a fighting chance.

Treatment Options

Every day, researchers are finding new and innovative ways to fight mesothelioma, allowing patients to live longer and more fulfilling lives. Common treatment methods, such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, have proven to be invaluable, but newer options, including photodynamic therapy, immunotherapy, have also shown enormous promise.


The prognosis for each mesothelioma patient is different and cannot be based on one set of circumstances or facts. Instead, physicians use a multifaceted approach to determining the patient's overall prognosis. Among other things, the disease prognosis depends on the stage of the disease, types of cells involved and location of the cancer.

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