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Mesothelioma Assistance

The most important part of battling mesothelioma is finding the best specialist and treatment center. Even for patients who have health insurance, this is costly.

Asbestos cancers attack the lining that surrounds major bodily organs. While it is typically diagnosed in the later stages, even early stage disease requires aggressive, swift and precise treatment. Often patients must travel long distances for the best treatment, purchase medications and change dietary habits. The financial costs for any large-scale medical treatment can be staggering, but there is hope.

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Financial Support

It can be reassuring to know that there is financial assistance available to help patient's deal with the associated costs of treating asbestos cancer. There are many support groups and charitable organizations that aim to help patients get the treatment they deserve. Our patient advocates have a working relationship with these organizations and help to provide the following patient support services:

Travel - Across the country, there are many outstanding medical professionals who are leaders in treatment. Getting an appointment is difficult, and paying to travel there might be nearly impossible for some. That’s where assistance comes in.

Through Corporate Angel Network, cancer patients fly free in empty seats on corporate jets. This New York-based organization allows patients to get quick access to physicians nationwide. There is no limit on the amount of times patients can travel aboard this carrier for medical appointments.

Similarly, Air Care Alliance facilitates free air travel for cancer patients nationwide. The organization has a large database of groups that offers free flights.

Lodging - When patients arrive at their final destination, it’s important to have a safe and comfortable place to stay. In the past several years, a growing number of free or reduced-rate locales have opened.

With more than 60 Fisher House locations nationwide, mesothelioma patients who are veterans have many options for lodging. Fisher Houses, which are exclusively for active military and veterans, are located at major Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) military medical centers nationwide, including premier mesothelioma treatment centers. Since up to one-third of asbestos-cancer patients are military veterans, this is a viable option for many patients.

The American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge has 31 locations throughout the United States. This free lodging is a way to help patients focus on getting well.

Treatment - Of all of the expenses related to this cancer, treatment costs are likely to be the most overwhelming. There are several financial assistance programs for this as well.

An overwhelming amount of patients are military veterans because of the high rate of asbestos exposure. Through the VA, veterans and their families are entitled to free, high-quality treatment. Many of the VA’s cancer specialists are known as asbestos-cancer treatment experts.

CancerCare is a nationwide nonprofit that offers financial assistance to some cancer patients who are struggling to pay for medical treatment. While there are limitations on the patients the organization serves, it is continually updating its funding availability.

Additional Resources

All asbestos-cancer patients are also entitled to other types of financial assistance to pay for their medical expenses, lost wages, living expenses and other monetary needs.

Mesothelioma is a disease that is predominately caused by occupational asbestos exposure. That means, if you or a family member has asbestos-induced cancer, it started at the workplace. Worse yet, most companies knew about the dangers associated with asbestos but chose to ignore them.

Legal - Patients have several legal resources available for long-term financial security.

With more than 36 billion available for victims, asbestos bankruptcy trust funds can provide fairly quick access to necessary funds. These funds are put aside by major corporations and manufacturers following a bankruptcy to ensure victims will be compensated for their injuries. Filing a claim on an asbestos trust is complicated and time consuming. Our skilled attorneys can help you through the process for a speedy financial recovery.

Also, many patients decide to file an asbestos-exposure lawsuit. By filing a lawsuit directly against the at-fault corporation or manufacturer, many patients and their families are able to get the funds they need for further treatment costs and living expenses. In many cases, the span of time between asbestos exposure and the onset of mesothelioma is decades, making it difficult to determine where the exposure first occurred. Our attorneys can help you make that determination and usher your case through the court system.

Patient Support Services

In addition to assistance with travel, lodging, treatment and financial complications associated with the disease, we offer other free services that can be of support:

  • Packets & Books - Our 200-page packet includes essential information, from customized inserts that covers your diagnosis and treatment options to three indispensable books regarding the disease and survival.
  • Patient Advocates - Whether you were just diagnosed with asbestos cancer or are currently battling the disease, our PAs are available to answer any of your questions. They can help you connect with specialized doctors and treatment centers, find local support groups and help with the financial assistance you need, among other things.
  • Live Chat - If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused or just have some questions, contact us on our live chat option. You can always expect honest answers and easy-to-understand explanations.

Clinical Trial Research

Everyday, a growing number of researchers are studying the connection between asbestos and cancer and possible cures for the disease. One of the key components to the disease is ongoing research. That happens in several arenas:

Clinical Trials - Nationwide, ongoing clinical trials are available for patients who want to explore different treatment options. These trials also help further the medical exploration that goes into a possible cure.

Comprehensive Research - Recently there has been large-scale federal funding for research, including a $1.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense.

For anyone who has been diagnosed with asbestos cancer, it is important to seek financial assistance quickly. This will allow for ongoing treatment and assistance for your family. Let us help you get what you need.


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