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Dr. Lary A. Robinson

Known for his aggressive treatment of mesothelioma, Dr. Lary A. Robinson has attracted patients worldwide. Robinson is considered an expert at surgical approaches to mesothelioma management, including the invasive extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP) for early stage patients.

Robinson is partially credited for the excellent reputation of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Tampa, Florida, where he is the director of the division of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. He also serves as a thoracic oncology professor at the cancer center. He said that the team at the cancer center uses a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and ensures all of the medical professionals - from the pulmonologist to the thoracic surgeons - are involved.

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Specialists in Florida

Because of its miles of shoreline and associated industries, Florida is well known for asbestos exposure. The problem areas include the many shipyards, manufacturing plants and other locales such as Cape Canaveral, the home of Kennedy Space Center. There, asbestos was widely used in many applications, including on space shuttles and land functions. Other areas of exposure include Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville.

Those who live in Florida and have been exposed to asbestos should seek a mesothelioma expert today to begin treatment. If you need assistance finding a specialist, contact our Patient Advocates now for more information.

What are Robinson’s specialties

Robinson is known to treat early stage mesothelioma patients with aggressive procedures that can potentially eliminate the disease. Once he completes the EPP, he will often follow up with chemotherapy and radiation treatment. More advanced patients are treated with chemotherapy, among other treatments. Robinson said he always welcomes collaboration between physicians and other medical professionals to help create a strong team.

Robinson is continually working on clinical trials and other research to further the hope for advanced treatments or a cure. He’s an author or co-author of more than 150 medical publications.

What is Robinson’s background

A native of Kansas, Robinson completed his undergraduate work at the University of Kansas and his medical degree from the Washington University of Medicine in Missouri. He went on to study at the Duke University Medical Center and St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. During the Vietnam War, he served in Thailand as a U.S. Air Force flight surgeon at the rank of major.

Early on, Robinson worked at the University of Nebraska Medical Center as an associate professor of surgery and pharmacology and the clinical director of the clinical perfusion science education program. In 1994, Robinson came to the University of South Florida, where he is a professor of thoracic surgery and interdisciplinary oncology. He also practices at the Moffitt Cancer Center and is the co-director of the center’s Pancoast Tumor Program. He helped found the center’s Center for Infection Research in Cancer and serves as a co-director.


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