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Dr. David M. Jablons

Dr. David Jablons was so sought after for his skill in thoracic oncology that he was recruited in 1997 to start the thoracic surgery and oncology programs at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Today, Jablons is known for building the university’s premiere thoracic oncology lab, which houses an expansive thoracic tissue bank for experimentation and research into lung cancers, including mesothelioma. He is a professor and the chief of general thoracic surgery at UCSF. Jablons is known for his extensive research into lung cancer and passion for curing the disease.

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What are Jablons’ specialties

Jablons has taken a special interest in research that includes isolating lung cancer stem cells, molecular pathways and genetic therapies. He is acutely interested in determining the molecular structure of the disease. One of his projects, an investigation into mesothelioma treatment, earned him a National Institutes of Health research grant. Jablons is continually working towards using novel therapies for treating lung cancers. Part of this work includes developing the thoracic tissue bank. These preserved tissue samples are used during the research to find a cure. The lab has more than 1,000 cancerous tumor samples for research.

Recently, Jablons was part of a research team that studied the molecular genetics of lung cancer and found a molecular test that can predict patient survival rates and prognosis. The test can also identify patients who are at risk for recurring lung cancer. The hope is that this research will help doctors make more informed decisions regarding treatment.

What is Jablons’ background

After graduating from Albany Medical College in New York, Jablons completed his residencies at Tufts-New England Medical Center and Cornell University. Jablons went on to study at the National Cancer Institute. In the years that followed, he was mentored by several distinguished physicians, including mesothelioma specialist Dr. David Sugarbaker, tumor immunologist and surgeon Dr. Steven Rosenberg and thoracic surgeon Robert Ginsburg. In 1994, while serving in the U.S. Navy, Jablons was also the chief of thoracic surgery at the Oakland Naval Hospital.

Jablons is also known for his extensive educational outreach. He is a vocal advocate for lung-cancer early detection and treatment and is continually working to bring awareness to the disease.

He is the co-founder of the UCSF Thoracic Oncology Conference and was co-chair of the World Conference on Lung Cancer in 2009. He also sits on numerous boards to further the cause of lung-cancer awareness and research.


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