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Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

In the past decades, specialized cancer centers and treatment facilities have emerged to help asbestos-cancer patients and care for their special needs. These centers and facilities house the best specialists, from oncologist to palliative-care doctors, to help patients through the disease.

Asbestos-cancer patients in particular need specialized care because the disease is so rare and difficult to treat. It is important to pick a center or facility that will best suit your needs. It could be the most important decision you may make regarding your treatment.

Need Help Finding Treatment?

Get help connecting with a top mesothelioma doctor or treatment center in your area right now!

Choosing the Right Cancer Center

Picking your perfect treatment center may be overwhelming. There are so many choices. It’s hard to know if you’re making the right decision. That’s where we step in. Our skilled patient advocates (PAs) have an unparalleled knowledge of asbestos-treatment specialists nationwide and can help match the best doctor and facility with your situation.

Before we help you find the best facility, we want you to consider some important questions:

  • Can you travel for treatment or do you want to stay closer to home?
  • What kind of special accommodations will you and your family need as you seek treatments? (For example, do you need housing and travel expenses?)
  • What kind of access to funding do you have to pay for treatments?
  • Will you be seeking veteran’s benefits to pay for treatments?

It isn't important to have solid answers to these questions before you call us. We just want you to know that there are things to consider. If you call us now, we can discuss all of your treatment options and help you determine which cancer center is best for your situation.

Doctors and Specialists

Every year, only about 3,000 patients are diagnosed with mesothelioma. By comparison, an estimated 230,000 patients were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012. Because asbestos cancers are so rare, an average oncologist doesn’t understand the special characteristics of the diseases and how to treat them. In addition, there is not the same amount of research and funding as there is in other types of cancer. Treatment from experts and specialists can improve a patients prognosis.

Top Hospitals and Cancer Centers

From coast to coast, there are dedicated asbestos-cancer centers that have top-notch doctors, research facilities and Complementary and Alternative Medicine centers.

  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston - Home to the famed Dr. David Sugarbaker, Brigham has a reputation worldwide for treating the disease. The hospital is home for the International Mesothelioma Program (IMP), which is known for its cutting-edge research and treatment of the disease. In addition to Sugarbaker, the hospital has a team of skilled physicians who focus on lung and esophageal cancers. The team utilizes a multi-modal approach to disease eradication.
  • UCLA-Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, Los Angeles - Dr. Robert Cameron, a thoracic surgeon, has taken a special interest in treating asbestos-related cancers. The hospital has world-renowned thoracic oncology and lung cancer programs that have helped scores of asbestos-cancer patients. The hospital’s team of specialists is able to evaluate a case and provide individualized care. The hospital is also known of excellence in research and cutting edge clinical trials that show promise in disease control.
  • University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston - Few cancer centers carry as much clout as MD Anderson. The facility’s thoracic center treats more asbestos-cancer patients than nearly any other in the United States. The esteemed staff is known as experts in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of lung, chest and abdominal cancer, including asbestos-related diseases. The mesothelioma center, headed by Dr. Anne Tsao, is known for trailblazing research.
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York - Located in the heart of New York City, Memorial Sloan-Kettering is the world’s oldest and largest cancer center. That means physicians here are well equipped to treat asbestos-related cancers, and researchers are continually working to improve treatment options. Dr. Valerie Rusch, the hospital’s chief of thoracic surgery and Dr. Lee Krug, the hospital’s leading thoracic oncologist, are known to continually work to find new ways to identify asbestos cancers earlier and improve treatment options.

Making treatment decisions can be difficult on patients and their families, but we want you to feel comforted that our experienced staff can answer your questions and help you make the right decision for you and your family.


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