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Top Mesothelioma Doctors

While there are thousands of oncologists across the nation, there are only a few who can claim to be an asbestos-cancer specialist. These physicians, who have become leaders in the field, offer great hope to patients. They have developed new techniques, surgical procedures and treatment plans that have eradicated the disease in some and given longer life expectancies for others.

The top asbestos doctors are located in major cities across the country, with a majority of them located in the New England area. Patients who live in rural areas must travel for care, but it’s worth the trip. The average oncologist doesn’t understand the specific characteristics of this disease. An asbestos-disease specialist will help you find the best medical treatments, alternative therapies and clinical trials.

Need Help Finding a Specialist?

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Connect with Cancer Specialists

The best chance of remission or recovery is finding an asbestos cancer specialist immediately. Because this disease lingers for decades before a diagnosis, it’s important to find a doctor who understands the disease and its repercussions. Research is key to finding an asbestos specialist in your area. The following is a list of questions to ask your potential doctor:

  • What is your experience with treating asbestos-cancer patients?
  • How many of these patients have you treated recently?
  • What kind of asbestos-related cancers do you treat most?
  • What is the standard treatment used?
  • What is your position on clinical trials?

In addition to these specific questions, it is important to learn about the doctor’s background including years of practice, communication skills and availability.

Get the Treatment You Deserve

Asbestos-cancer treatment must be customized to a patient’s needs. In some cases, chemotherapy, radiation or surgery may be the best treatment choice. In other cases, clinical trials may offer the best hope. Don’t be limited by just those treatment choices. You deserve top-notch treatment in a world-class treatment center.

Cancer centers that specialize in asbestos-cancer treatment have motivated doctors on staff and progressive research facilities. These centers give patients the opportunity to undergo advanced treatments as well as life-changing clinical trials.

When choosing a treatment center, patients and their families should consider all their options. This includes location, availability to medical professionals, treatment strategies, reputation and cost. There are several questions patients should ask before making a decision:

  • Does your center have a medical staff that specializes in asbestos cancer treatment?
  • What are the treatment options that are offered here?
  • Can this center coordinate with my local healthcare team?
  • Does this center encourage alternative treatments and clinical trials?
  • Is this center covered by my insurance? If not, what kind of financial resources are available?

Patient Support Services

Asbestos-cancer treatment should never be a one-size-fits-all approach. Your best chance to improve your prognosis is to get treated by a cancer specialist who has the experience to treat your disease. We can help you get information about local physicians and treatment options. Our free services help patients and their families find the best available treatment options:

  • Patient Support - At the heart of our organization is a team of patient advocates who help patients and their families connect with asbestos-cancer doctors. These advocates build relationships with clients and their families, making sure all their needs are met. They are available by phone, email and live chat.
  • Doctor Match - Our advocates have built relationships with doctors nationwide. This program connects patients with doctors for the chance at quicker treatment.
  • Financial Assistance - We help patients find financial assistance for medical costs, travel and housing during treatment.
  • Comprehensive Information - We have amassed some of the best books and pamphlets about mesothelioma treatment, recovery and survivor stories.

Call 1-800-210-7617 for fast answers to your questions, or for a list of treatment specialists in your area.


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